Crazy angel spray tanning is the quickest way to achieve a natural looking tan within 8 hours. We offer 2 different percentages of tan 9% and 13%.


Before you come in for your tan we recommend that for a few days before you moisturise daily, we also suggest that you exfoliate the day before to make sure you get all the dirt and dead skin cells off your body. Please come in for your tan with no moisturiser or deodorant on. If you have any makeup on when you come in then we can remove this before we do your tan.

After Care

We recommend leaving the tan to its full development time of 8 hours before you shower. After the first day it is ideal to moisturise daily to keep up the tan, you could always add a tinted moisturiser after a few days to help keep the tan as long as possible. After 3 days you should lightly buff and exfoliate in order to ensure that the tan comes off evenly. Most spray tans should last a week.

Full body tan

30 mins


A full body crazy angel tan, takes 8 hours to fully develop before you can shower and rinse off the excess tan. Leaving a lovely natural tan.

Leg tan​

15 mins


A leg tan just covers your legs, making it ideal for when you have outfits that show your legs.